Big surprise of the week: we’re moving!

If you’re run into me in the last week (or are a close friend), you’ve probably heard that I’m moving the office. While it seemed like a sudden decision, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for the last year.


Don’t worry! I’m still here! It’s just boring stuff like printers and lighting kits that are in boxes. Some of our stuff also went into storage while we figure out the new space.

Are We Still Available?

Great! I made sure the move happened at a time when we didn’t have too many in-house productions happening. If you need us to film, animate, script, design, or plan a production–drop a line to Mel at

Why Now?

Well, it’s only getting hotter. Moving during the heat of the summer is not the best idea if you want to keep folks from fainting. I also needed to pull the trigger on the move before the 48HFP and my own productions really ramped up.


About 5-8 wonderful friends helped me box up and move about a dozen car loads worth of stuff.


Want to visit the me in the new space? Well, it’s not quite ready for visitors. Probably the end of July/early August. In the meantime, I’m still available for coffee and a chat anytime.


For now, I’ll just say downtown Providence. The location is AWESOME and will really allow They’re Using Tools! to offer some more cool amenities.

I kinda wish I had saved our old vinyl door sticker. It looks like a cool piece of modern art.