RISD Alumni are unique individuals, each has a different viewpoint on what makes their time at RISD special.  It is one–if not the–best art and design schools in the country, with a robust email roster. However, click-throughs where way down and donations were ever lower.  The challenge was to create a campaign that created goodwill with the alumni and ask them to donate to the annual fund. The final video should speak to the alumni viewpoint (donating is hard/impossible because they are working artists). With this video, the Annual Fund hoped to increase donations and click-throughs on their emails.


The solution was to create a hybrid video of live action and animation. The overall challenge was to make each alumni feel unique. To do this, we created a series featuring animated characters that focused on the perspective of different RISD majors. First, we created 4 basic characters based on the materials that every RISD freshmen has to use (charcoal, clay, cardboard, and collage/magazines). Following this, we we created the basic story of a drawing student putting a different spin on a bad piece of art. This metaphor was meant to get the alumni to look at the problem of donation “with a different eye.” Once this was approved, we filmed the live action, made the accompanying animation, and laid in final music. The final videos use a variety of techniques, including drawn animation, stop-motion/claymation, puppets, motiongraphics, and green screen. See the below links to see the full campaign.


This video was released on custom video player, but the overall campaigns stats were very favorable. Overall, the videos got good feedback and increased their donations or donations where specifically attributed to the video campaign.


Dates for campaign: December 15-22, 2009
Emails opened: 33% increase over 2008 campaign
Email click-thrus: 14% increase over the 2008 campaign
Number of donations made: 37% increase

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