Dirtee Hollywood wanted to explore a new line of shirts where they paired with popular musicians to offer apparel that was part art, part culture, and part collaboration. The new line was called Prettee Hollywood and the first video in this project was a based on the song “Tight Tee Shirt” by Benji Hugues. The unreleased t-shirt line based on the concept of ‘Love’.

Music by: Benji Hughes
Directed by: Melinda Rainsberger and Adam Russell
Concept Art by: Catherine Smith and Melinda Rainsberger
Animated by: Greg LaRose, Matt Paquin, Melinda Rainsberger, Adam Russell, Andrew Russell
Producers: Dave Chalker, Melinda Rainsberger
Thanks to: James Butler @ Dirtee Hollywood

Date: November 29 Category: Animation, Music Video