Note from the Creative Director: I’m so happy to be able share this project with you. It’s been a hectic three months getting the full package of materials together—lots of secret meetings and long days to make sure that we made the best possible presentation package for AAP’s sales team. It’s my pleasure to announce that Jaunt Liberty has met their first round of funding (funding what? Funding goals?) and will be launching their inaugural trip in April, 2015.


Apoc Associated Partners came to us for help developing a sales package to present to investors. They had just licensed the newly patented Carune Process for a commercial travel venture. With nothing but a few articles in obscure science magazines, the biggest challenge was to explain the business plan to investors while also increasing public interest in the technology. With an investor presentation scheduled in three months, this meant creating all the branding, messaging, and creative pieces in a short period of time.


The first step in this process was to establish the core values of the service. Through focus sessions, we established that the biggest public concerns were the product’s legitimacy and safety. Public knowledge of the the Carune Process was limited to heresay and urban legend. Turning that public perception around would convince potential investors that this was a solid investment.

With all hands on deck, including skeleton crews that worked on animation and special fx, we came up with a multi-piece plan of attack: a slide deck, printed fact sheet, and opening video.


Wrong Turn, Check the Map Again

Our first approach was “Travel in the 22nd Century.” We would captilize on the high-tech aspects of the product to produce a create a slick and cool package. We researched current travel companies—air and rail—and tried to envision what the “next phase” would look like.


While the client loved the name, they felt the overall presenation was innaccessible for the target audience. This approach made the product seem mysterious and—worst of all—dangerous. We hit the mark on the awesome power of this technology, but overshot and lost sight of our core value of “safety.”

Back-up for a Retry:

While we were helping the sales team and engineers to put together a thorough slide deck for their presentation, we were also creating an opening video. This was to get the investors pumped-up and help them visualize Jaunt Liberty as a reality. We created a fun and upbeat commercial that promoted how fast, safe, and easy the product could be, backey by the right investors.


The presentation was spectacular. The materials thoroughly explained the process to investors and AAP reached 110% of their funding goal. With the first trips leaving April 2015, we’re now fleshing out an online viral campaign and adding broadcast and print components.

In Summary:

With thorough research and understanding of the intended audiences, it’s easy to develop a promotional package with both intellectual and emotional appeal. With a great strategy and solid narrative, we can make even products with dense, hard-to-understand features can completely transparent and approachable  Contact us now to find how we can increase awareness for your company or brand through video.

Contact us now to find how we can increase awareness of your company or brand through video. And happy April Fools’ Day.