By “that” time of the year, I mean the season when the same 50 songs play on the radio, and it’s suddenly ok to eat your own weight in sugar.

I haven’t told  many people this, but I actually have a favorite Christmas song. It’s weird, I wasn’t trying to find one. It just…happened. And it’s pretty much the silliest, dumbest one. I thought it might fun this year to find my twelve favorite covers of this song and present them on the twelve days up to Christmas.**

What’s the song? It’s the Mariah Carey classic “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Day 12: Oslo fagottkor

This one is just fun. It’s kinda got an 80’s vibe and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It helps that it has good staging and a great performance. I recommend checking out the rest of the channel–everything they do is pretty fun.

Day 11: Note & Pin

There’s a million children musicians on Youtube, but very few that focus on the instrumentation of pop songs. There’s lots of singers and showboaters, and this video was refreshingly well done and simple. Kudos on them for using a ukulele!

Day 10: Out of the Blue

This is another all-male group (and not the last). The performances are very fun and don’t take the song too seriously.  Out of the Blue is made up of students from Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University–according to their Youtube bio.

Day 09: Michael Bublé

I’m not sure why I ranked this one so high. I’m not a huge Michael Bublé fan. This is a competent version, but there’s nothing overly special about it. 

Day 08: BOM&HI

This is the kind of sad, overly dramatic music video I would make for this song. Every time.

Day 07: Vince and Valiants

There are not enough country covers of this song. Country music is always wonderful when it gets the right mixture of cheeze and American nostalgia wrapped into the same package. This version is like Dynasty meets the B52s.

Day 06: Anthony Vincent (20 covers)

OMG! This guy is the best. If he did an end-to-end cover with all these styles, then it would be gold.

Day 05: Mariah Carey

It was going to be part of this list. This isn’t a “cover” but still pretty amazing.

Day 04: Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & The Roots

In fact, this cover is way cuter and charming.

Day 03: Whitney Duncan

The BEST country cover and there’s no video. This is a national travesty.

Day 02: Olivia Olson

It’s the voice of Marceline singing my favorite Xmas song. OMG, can’t deal.

Day 01: My Chemical Romance

Don’t judge. Just don’t. If you got to the end of the list, you don’t judge.

**Look, I know the twelve days starts on December 25, but you definitely won’t want to listen to these on January 1st.

***The fact that is that it’s January 12th, and I apologize. They were posted on social media during the holidays. Enjoy my favorite holiday song in your post-holiday haze.