It’s Friday! A day for looking forward to fun stuff and

Back in 2007, we entered into our first 48 Hour Film Project. I started a team because I wanted to learn more about working with different kinds of people, shooting live action (I was primarily animation in college), and learn more about making a short film. We drew “Musical or Western” and had about 27 people on our team. The film, to put it bluntly, was a hot mess. We had a great team, and there are some outstanding parts. Mostly the music by Dan McDonough. And the next year…it also wasn’t that great. But year after year we entered, and sometimes we won awards (four!).

What the 48 HFP provided for us was a chance to experiment and learn: try out new crew, practice with new equipment, and/or just have fun. We’ve taken what we learn in those couple days each summer and built a team of prepared professionals that work well under pressure.

After seven years, I’ve decided to try something else and mix it up. We’re making a short film!

We’ve produced a number of short films, but never one quite like this. Part zombie film, part musical, this will be a realization of an idea that’s been kicking around for awhile. It will utilize many or our strengths, and hopefully give us a chance to learn even more as we work on something that is 100% us.

The storyboard is in the rough draft stage, and we’re lining up the pieces to shoot this summer. I’m not going to go into the details of the story, but in the meantime, enjoy the song. Stay tuned for “Won’t You Come Home, Bones Bailey?”, coming out in 2014!

UPDATE: Incase you were wondering, the music for this project is being done by long time collaborator Billy Moretti of The Denver Boot. He’s worked on two of our 48 hour projects and numerous spots for WPI and others.