I just got some good news over the weekend, and when I updating my calendar, I realized I have quite a packed couple of months.

Women in Film and Media — March 28th
I’m a panelist for this one, and I get to share the stage with thirteen other awesome women that make video and movies in the state of Rhode Island. It’s a half day event, so it fits in nicely with a hectic schedule. womeninfilmandmedia.com

Life After Taxes — April 15th
This is something I started three year’s ago for RISD alumni. It’s just a way to get business owners and new alumni out of their studios and offices. This year we get to host it at Faust. So, if you’re a RISD alumni, come out and get a beer on April 15th!

Lady Project Summit — April 18th
This is our second year getting to film this awesome event. It takes place at the Vets Auditorium this time and I’m stoked to film in such a beautiful venue, and support a great local organization. www.ladyprojectsummit.com

Bones Bailey Goes to Festival — April 21st
We got excepted to the South Eastern New England Film Festival. We’ll be screening as part of their music block at the Brookklyn Coffee and Tea House. www.senefest.com

SEEED Conference — Weekend of April 24-25th
I was asked to speak on a panel on storytelling. Not sure where it is in this week, but the whole conference should be awesome and you should plan to attend! http://seeed.org

Family in town — April
As if three conferences and a film premiere weren’t enough, I’ll have family in town for a couple weeks. At least they’ll get to see some of the awesome stuff I do!