How do you go from making two videos a year to…two videos a week? The internet is making transactions happen faster and faster, and the companies that can keep up with that pace are going to be better connected to their customers.

While They’re Using Tools is happy to make videos for you, we also offer training programs to create an efficient, talented, in-house crew.

Did you know that 50% of links clicked in an email lead to a video? (This was independently verified by Wistia and MailChimp.) Video isn’t just an important addition to your advertising, but should be a main component of your communications with customers and clients.

They’re Using Tools can create custom programs that help you train, improve, or even hire the employees you need to make an in-house video department. Because–sometimes–you need our quality, but you need the speed and efficiency of an in-house team.

You Need More Than One “Video Guy”

It’s not just about creating a video that sits on a home page. Video comes in many flavors, and making large and small productions at the same time can target a broader customer base. 

We’ll train your team to tackle the whole spectrum of video productions:
• Responsive ads
• Crowdfunding campaigns
• Demos and trainings for your customers
• Video sales presentations
• Timely marketing campaigns
• Creative solutions to engage customers
• Vlogs


In-house productions can really save you money if you want to produce videos on a weekly schedule. For the same cost as one video with an out-of-house firm, you can create 3-4 in house productions, every month!



Time Schedule

1-3 months: Depending your needs and the size of your team, we can get you ready in as little as 1-3 months to create engaging, impressive video campaigns.

Services Includes

• Equipment purchasing and rental strategies
• Script, storyboard, and asset planning
• Production planning and budgeting
• Video pipeline strategies
• Software training (Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and CS)
• Video analytic systems and predictions
• Hiring and team building consultation

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