Create a one minute video for a national hummus brand in four weeks. The spot had to appeal to the 18-35 year old female demographic. This project was produced by Genius Rocket Select (now Genius Rocket). The Genius Rocket model is curated crowdsourcing: briefs are sent out, creators write a brief description of what they would do, and then move through paid stages of creation, ultimately getting weeded down to one final project. Due to their NDA, they couldn’t disclose the name of the brand until the third stage–which presented an interesting challenge. The video had to be fun, unique, and fit into the company’s facebook and youtube strategies, but without knowing the company’s branding, we had to make something that the client could customize to their needs.


Because the exact brand and its attributes were unknown, we had to focus on the narrative and create an engaging story that kept audiences watching until the end for the company’s name. This meant pulling out all the stops on storytelling and upping the “wow” factor. For the demographic–18 to 35 females–we decided to play to our strengths: animation, puppetry, and rapid live action filming. We decided to do a Zoey Deschanel meets Sesame Street sensibility. A smart, hip young woman with puppet friends. Once the script and storyboards were approved, we were able to drop in a seasoned production team of fabricators, musicians, actors, and videographers that turned a three week timeline into successful video. Throughout the production, we were in contact with the brand, and they made suggestions to the content and scenes to create something that was perfect for their audience. As a final challenge, we did not have access to anything more than the brand logo. All lockups and physical products had to be recreated by us based on examples found on the web (product was not offered in our state and the timeline was too short to get product sent to us).

Client Feedback: “This one is Weird. If it were REALLY weird, but really fun, I think it could be GREAT.”

Like: “cutesy, potential weirdness.”

Push: “needs a humourous/weird/naughty edge..? Can the pita chip be her “inner voice” that helps her keep it real?”


The client–Athenos Hummus–used this video to kickoff their initial Facebook launch and overall campaign. As a web only launch, the client paid a fraction of what they would have if they did a traditional national television campaign. While a basic tv spot can cost $100,000 or more, this project was less than 20% of that cost at a final budget of $18,000. With it’s funny premise and catchy song, it attracted a lot of viewers, comments, and helped them make a splash in a crowded market place.

Views from first 6 months of launch: 4,500
Total views: 10,000+

In Summary:

We can take what seems impossible–short deadlines, puppets, mystery brand–and create a vibrant and original video.