Finding Story Through Style

For our next film, I want to produce a short film called Brewed of the Damned. All the story elements haven’t been pegged down yet, but it will definitely involve coffee…and vampires. While trying to explore the themes, style, and story elements, I made a couple short teasers to help realize some of the story elements.  Enjoy!

N48: The Stars Align

This past weekend we made a film in 48 hours. It wasn’t part of any contest or competition. It was just what the kids call “for fun.” We stayed true to the 48HFP rules though and used a genre, line, prop, and character that were randomly drawn from a Cards Against Humanity deck.

Biggest challenge of the weekend: working with a dwindling crew. We started off with a robust 20 people, but by the time we actually started making the film we had lost our writer, director, backup director, editor, makeup person, and an actress. Somehow I managed to stay behind the camera and make a pretty good film.

View the production photos here


Genre: Creature Feature

Prop: The Rapture

Characters: Strong females

Line: Reconciling quantum theory with general relativity.

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