Thanks again!

This past week, my company had a chance to sponsor a RISD Alumni event at the Avery. It was a lot of fun and I got to find out what other grads have done and show off a little bit of my own professional self. More than anything, it highlighted how lucky I’ve been to make friends and be able to work with so many crazy talented people. Starting with a 16 year old high school girl named Zane that is now one of my oldest employees.

A lot of the crew comes from our 48 Hour Film Project teams. Each year we use it to try out new folks, new techniques, and generally run around in the sunshine. Hopefully this July will be just as awesome as the other years and we’ll have a chance to keep expanding! Funny enough, Zane can’t be with us that exact weekend. Nevertheless, she’ll be a valuable part of the team and help us pull it all together. Luckily, we have about 10-15 other people to rely on!

Saturday Open Studio!!!!

Hey all,

just thought you’d like to know that the Esten Ave. building is doing an open studio day on May 4th. 11am-4pm. This is not to be confused with our private open house which is still in the works. I (Mel) won’t be there because of a prior obligation, but you’ll be able to meet the wonderful and mysterious Greta and gaze in awe at our big, green wall.

Again, those details are:

May 4th


250 Esten Ave. Pawtucket, RI

We are on the 4th floor (D09), right by the elevators.

New Space/New Site

As you may have heard, we recently expanded into a 740 square foot facility in Pawtucket. We’ve got it all, a green screen, funky elevator, and lots of space. It’s allowed us to build some really great, large pieces for our videos. You can check out some of those productions here and here.

I should say that I’m already contemplating moving to a better facility, but it won’t be too far down the street. In the meantime, I’m hoping to participate in the building’s open studio day on May 4th and have a private office opening sometime in May. Stay tuned for some more details on that as I find them!

In the photo is Nick Pasquariello of Icarus Rex Productions and our own Greta Scheing filling in as puppeteer (seriously, she’s awesome, no you can’t have her).

Welcome to the new blog!