It’s October! 10/10


Day #10: Furry Vomit. Furry Vomit hides on sun-washed streets, camouflaging itself asphalt until you step in its gooey furry goodness. Then it sucks you into a portal that is full of massive, evil rodents.

Unrelated: I almost stepped in road kill this week.

It’s October! 10/09


Day #09: Bambi. I’ve been listening to a lot of Welcome to Night Vale. And I have some sort of obsession with knives that I can’t explain.

“But deer are also dangerous creatures. They are terrible, deceitful, and vile animals. I’m not being mean, this is just basic science.

Look, I know deer are cute and friendly-looking. We all remember adorable little Bambi, from the classic animated movie, with his sweet voice and white freckled rump. But we also remember the bloody end that he wrought on the humans at the end of the film, the graphic beheadings, and trees streaked with gore during the famous revenge-fueled climax.

The lesson of that movie, as in life itself, is that nature is gorgeous, and it is horrible, and it will kill you.”

It’s October! 10/08


Day #08: Student Loan Payments. Main power: silently judging you from where you left it on the dinning room table. It also has a knife. It is pointy. (Monster suggested by Raz Cunningham).

It’s October! 10/07


Day #07: That Salad Dressing From the Back of the Fridge. It’s probably radioactive at this point. Don’t eat it.

It’s October 10/06!


Day #06: Evil Balloon Puppy. This ones just silly and fun. He better be careful with that knife.

It’s October 10/05!


Day #05: The Little Brother That Wasn’t There The Day Before. Kinda like Dawn from Buff the Vampire Slayer. Except this kid is definitely evil, and none of the grown ups seem to realize that there was no little brother in the family until today. And he should probably have eyes, and not have a bunch of flies following him around. I’m also listening to a lot of Night Vale, can you tell?

It’s October 10/04

Ok, I got behind. And Thursday Bram told me I should post these separately. Here we go!


Day #04: My Blerch. Ever since seeing this horrible creature done by The Oatmeal, I’ve wanted to draw my own Blerch. Mine has frosting and sprinkles. The frosting is so stale it chips your teeth and the sprinkles taste like chalk. It’s evil because it convinces me that sitting on the couch and doing nothing is way funner than going to the gym and listening to a few eps of Night Vale while making my body healthy.