Worcester Polytechnic Institute has one of the best programs for robotics–equivalent to MIT, Yale, and Harvard–but most students skip over the this technical college. The challenge was to introduce students to this fact in a fun, light hearted way that also tied in WPI’s successful rowing team. The final video also couldn’t use any logos from the other colleges, only hint at who they might be. With this video, Admissions hoped to increase freshman applications to their robotics program and highlighted the diversity of programs they offer.


The solution was to create an animated video. With animation, we could show all of the things they wanted to include without creating costly props, building rowing robots, or renting the Charels River. First, we created character sheets of all the other colleges’ athletes, their coxswains, WPI robots and their ingenius students. With animation, we could also have more diverse ‘actors’ in the right age group than our production could have hired. Following this, we storyboarded and then created the main rowing animation. Once this was all approved, we had a custom track of music created to fit the emotion and action of the story. The final style was partially based on the work of Michael Dudok de Wit. It was chosen as a style that would resonate with parents (important in the college selection process), and differentiate it from other talking-head style admission videos.


WPI has used this video in a variety of locations: on their homepage, within email campaigns, and on-site presentations. Overall, the video has been very successful. The views are about double WPI’s total student population. Numerous departments within WPI use the video to show the strength and impressiveness of their college. In addition, it has been well reviewed even in alumni focus groups as “the direction WPI should be going in.”



Student population: 3,849
Views from first embedding: 2,500
Total views: 8,500+
Predominant countries viewed in: United States, Puerto Rico, Jamaica
Ages reached: Male/Females 45-54 years (most likely parents) and Male 13-17 years