In case you didn’t know, we make videos. Videos of all kinds: funny, informative, technical, web-based, and corporate. Video is a powerful medium that can make your company stand out in a crowded market place and have a lasting impression on your customers. Knowing how video makes your company more awesome is important to know when entering into a video production. Knowing the strengths of video can help you utilize this tool even better and get the best results possible. For the simplification purposes, I use the term “video” to mean both live action and animated videos.

Follow me on a walk through of three ways video strengthens your company.

A lot of the videos on the internet are tutorials, walk-thrus, or how-tos. If you include home-made as well as professionally produced videos–you’ve got months or years of content on very specific topics.* Apps, Kickstarters, gadgets, and specialized services can use video to show their clients how their product or service work. Better than a text-based document, clients can really see how something comes together, how best to use it, and come away better informed.

Kickstarters in particular benefit from the power of video to explain things. Typically the companies or individuals that use Kickstarter only have working prototypes. They can’t rely on reviews because they haven’t massed-produced their product yet. Instead, live demonstrations of their product can prove the viability of their product and create interest before they go into a larger (and more costly) round of production.

Another way video connects online viewers to physical products are assembly or usage videos. Anything that needs to be put together or has complicated operating procedures can benefit from a video. Creating an informed customer that can use the product means they’re more likely to recommend the product and purchase future versions or offerings. Any video under a minute will leave the client satisfied and free to go back to their life.

Knowing is the first thing your video should accomplish: what it is, how it works, and why it’s better.

Music, lively characters, and animation are really powerful elements that are only available to the world of video. Making your customers feel something about your product–not just know–creates a deeper connection and sense of trust. Your customers don’t just know what you do, but feel that you know and care about them.

With so many things available on the internet, an emotional impact helps you rise above the noise. You’re not just offering a well made product or service, but one that appeals to the needs and wants. For instance, if you’re selling a product for “embarrassing bathroom situations” making customers laugh and feel like this is normal can unite everyone over a topic that is infrequently talked about.

A memory tied to an emotion will be stronger than just the memory alone. Video–more than any other medium–has that ability to emotionally connect. It’s not just text. It’s not just pretty faces or funny cartoons. It’s storytelling, graphic design, photography, and music all combined into one impactful tool. The last element is the most key: music is a huge emotional tool that other mediums just don’t have. Utilizing well produced music that fits your brand is something you can’t skip in the video making process.


This is the end result of making your customers know and feel about your product/service/company. They know what your product does, they feel a certain way about it, but bringing these two things together is the experience. This is the difference between a Gillette commercial and a Dollar Shave Club youtube video. It’s not just serious vs. funny. Traditional vs. quirky. It’s making your customers identify themselves by buying your product/service.

Making customers experience your company also sets the tone for future interactions and what they can expect. There are many values your video can offer–great customer service, locally sourced, well made, technically advanced, problem solving, etc. Each comes with their own virtues. Videos where customers experience (not just know or feel) the value of your product prime the client up to expect the same in the future–where they’ll only consider you as their number one choice. Make your clients know and feel that you are the best and you start the pathway to a life long customer.

Who hasn’t made a personality judgment on a certain kind of computer user? Let a friend use your computer and I’m sure you’ve heard “Oh, I don’t really like Macs” or “Guh, PCs are so clunky.” Even better, “I’m an Android user.” People enjoy identify as Mac vs. PC, Android vs. iPhone, iPad vs. Nexus, etc. This comes from these companies creating a strong experience that turns the user into a citizen of their brand.


Just as you’re trying to get your company to stand out–so are your customers. It sounds silly, but every purchase is a way of saying “this is who I am”. Customers have so many choices of what color, size, shape, style, technology, price, etc. they’d like. Having a living, breathing embodiment of your company depicted in a video makes your company a personality they can connect and identify with. They aren’t just purchasing the product, but an addition to their life.

I would be remiss if I didn’t cite some of my influences. I started this post with the idea of “Know, Feel, Experience”, but the visuals came from a couple other sources. Specifically, this Lifehacker article and Hugh MacLeod’s image helped me create a visual representation of these concepts.


*Update: this statement has been changed to reflect the lack of data on this topic. Something we hope to correct in the future.