What can you do in a week? How about fours days? What about 40 minutes?

This week, we made a promo video for the [sold out!] Providence Lady Project Summit. We filmed in under an hour on Sunday afternoon. Then cut, colored, added graphics, and mastered the video in under a week. A few things made this successful video possible: good planning, people that were experts in their field (Sierra is an excellent copywriter, amongst other things), and having a clear purpose.

It actually would have taken even less time, but I decided to try out a new color correcting technique I learned from IndieWhip.

Check out the raw, rushed color correction, and the more fine tuned versions in both an animated GIF and individually. As you can see, we shot it pretty cleanly to begin with. There’s a little bit of vignetting that was easily cleaned. The new techniques we tried centered on denoising the footage.






PVD-LP-V07_stills-02a      PVD-LP-V07_stills-02b      PVD-LP-V07_stills-02c